Jared Ray Weiland
Motivational Speaker
Jewelry Designer
Public Speaking

Ms. Comer

 Small Group at PCHS

1st Big Crowd

Jared's first speech was born out of a dreaded senior assignment at Patrick County High School. His teacher, Melinda Comer, thought he had a story to tell. He had come such a long way in the years she had known him and he was an inspiration to everyone at PCHS. Following his stroke, Jared could barely speak, read or write; but he was quite able to communicate. Ms. Comer helped him program his augmentative communication device. His computer, a Vanguard II, from the Prentke Romich Company, is navigated with icons that Jared has learned to associate with different words and parts of speech. He argued if she didn't understand his thoughts or things didn't "come out" the way he wanted them to. There were some dark days of reflection. When he was finished, EVERYONE wanted to hear his story.
He loves talking to groups, small or large. His grammar and spelling need serious editing; he still spends a lot of time making sure his speech is in his words. Sometimes it takes a while for him to get his point across. Those who love him have learned to be patient. What a gift. His message is moving. You should hear him for yourself.

Hear what others have said after listening to Jared's speeches:
"I just wanted to tell you how inspirational you are and how wonderful your presentation was." Chelsea F., Virginia Tech Student

"What a treat we all took part in today, listening to Jared's story." Helen B.,
High Incidence Disabilities Coordinator, Virginia Tech

"You were awesome at the Transition Forum!" Patty R., QA Unit, WWRC

Jared has a message for everyone. Students, educators, health care professionals, anyone young or old would benefit from meeting him.
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